Join us on October 26th, 2022, if you dare!  We look forward to hosting you for a day of education, networking, and a little bit of fun. Learn how Plex can help you with total business visibility to connect, automate, track and analyze aspects of your enterprise providing you with a top-floor-shop-floor solution.  

We will  start our day at Plex Headquarters to help you clear your manufacturing cobwebs. And in the afternoon, we will transition over to Top Golf for some friendly competition and networking.

Event Title: Removing the Skeletons from your IT Closet!
Event Location: Plex Headquarters & Top Golf
Event date: Wednesday, October 26, 2022 | 10:00AM – 7:00PM; Golf begins at 3:00PM

  • Welcome to Plex 
  • Unlocking the Future of Manufacturing with Technology 
  • Breakout Sessions (Quality, Production Monitoring, ERP & MES, DemandCaster) 
  • Driving Quality as a Culture with a Quality Management System 
  • Driving Transparent, Real-time Product Performance with Production Monitoring 
  • Take Control of your Plant Foor with MES 
  • Say goodbye to disconnected data and inventory issues with DemandCaster 
  • Manufacturing Experience Lab Demonstrations  
  • Hear from Plex customers, Old World Spices and Vulcan Inc., on how they are improving their manufacturing with Plex.  
  • How to take the fear out of implementing manufacturing solutions 
  • Top Golf, Sponsored by Control+M Solutions at 3p.m.